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Alien Space Battle - Space Invaders lookalike Game

A 2d Space Invaders game clone.

Wanting to get more familiar with Pygame - a very popular Python game library I made this. Pygame hides many of the down and dirty implementation details and all you're basically left to do is create the game logic. If you want to do something similar this project will surely help you.

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Snake Applesken - Python PyGame & cx_Freeze Tutorial

I had to do my own take of the classic Snake game I played back in the day on Nokia 3310 and Sony Ericsson W810i.

If you want some implementation help on how I went about to do this I hereby give you my notes below:

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Tile Game (Pokemon Wannabe)

A minimal but functional tile-based 2d game the likes of the good ol' Pokemon Gen 2. By the way, Pokemon Crystal is my favorite video game of all time and the one that introduced me to video games.