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Quadcopter Drone CC3200 Radio Telemetry Project

This was my Electronics Engineering Bachelor Thesis Project (2015).

Nikos Lazaridis, Technical University of Piraeus, Greece.

Texas Instruments (T.I.) CC3200 wifi unit, acting as the telemetry intermediate between the Ground Control Station (GCS) and the APM Ardupilot flight controller on top of the QuadCopter/Drone.

The thesis is written in Greek. You can find it in Thesis_QuadcopterTelemetry_Nikos_Lazaridis_ppapag.pdf. If I get requests I may get motivated to translate it to English.

Most of the code has been written in Texas Instruments Code Composer Studio 6. I haven't tested it with updated CCS versions.


Youtube video link.


Github repository link.