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Quadcopter Drone CC3200 Radio Telemetry Project

This was my Bachelor Thesis' Project (2016).

Nick Lazaridis, Technical University of Piraeus, Greece.

In short: Programmed Texas Instruments (T.I.) CC3200 wifi unit, to act as the telemetry intermediary between the Ground Control Station (GCS) and the APM Ardupilot flight controller on top of the QuadCopter/Drone.

The thesis is written in Greek. You can find it in Thesis_QuadcopterTelemetry_Nikos_Lazaridis_ppapag.pdf. If I get requests I may get motivated to translate it to English.

Most of the code has been written in Texas Instruments Code Composer Studio 6. I haven't tested it with updated CCS versions.


Youtube video link.


Github repository link.