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Process Hacking (COD4) Tutorial


Generic process/game hacking application. This time the victim being Call of Duty 4 (the original). Can we have some of that mustard?

What do we mean by hacking? Hacking is acquiring access to a resource in a manner that was not intended by the system, we circumvent access. But here we do something really simple and easy. We will change some on screen values in our program to create a satisfactory response. Read on.

  1. We loop through the process list to find our target process.
  2. OpenProcess( targetProcess ) give PROCESS_ALL_ACCESS such that our program obtains full access to the target process (ie both read and write privileges and more)
  3. Use CheatEngine or some other debugger program to find your target address to intercept. For example you're in COD4, you can see your current weapon's screen's ammo is 300 and you want to set it to 50 (say). Then you'd search for float or integer 300 in CheatEngine to find the right address (sorry this isn't a CheatEngine tutorial). When you find the address move on.
  4. Write into that address using WriteProcessMemory. This is where you'd right the 50. Or you can ReadProcessMemory instead.

It's up to you. The code is very short and commented out. You can also test the convenientWrappers section for more cool stuff, but not necessary. All you need lies inside the main function, your game (it can be any game, not just COD4 - just change processName to the game's title)and CheatEngine. The rest is just icing on the cake.

I used Windows 8.1 x86_64, Visual Studio 2017, Modern C++17 to build the project. It should work on other platforms as well.


Microsoft docs - Process Status API


Github repository link.