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In the beginning...

... there was nothing ... there was darkness.

13,800,000,000 years later, in 490 BC, Greek forces lead by Miltiades, outnumbered, managed to overpower the opposing Persian military, but had to quickly march for Athens to defend their fair city from the oncoming threat. Miltiades sent a runner on ahead to Athens with news of victory, Pheidipidis. Upon reaching Athens, having exerted all his strength Pheidipidis said "Νενικήκαμεν!" ("Rejoice! We have victory!") and dropped dead of exhaustion. Theirs was a struggle of a desperate forced march. Theirs was was a story of courage.

Some 2,500 years later a young man had a dream which he sort of accomplished up against the odds. He made this website to share his memoirs. This too, is a story of courage. Subscribe to the newsletter to see it unfold and enjoy your stay.