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Console on a Windows GUI Application

Provision Windows C++ GUI applications with a fully featured & functional console window that you can use for logging or whatever other purpose you deem would prove useful.

I used Windows 8.1 x86_64, Visual Studio 2017 & C++17 to build the project.


Github repository link.

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Morse Code Converter

A Morse Code Converter converts a given input string to Morse Code based sounds. Morse code is a telecommunication method used to encode text characters as sequences of different signal durations called dots and dashes.

Working algorithm is straightforward to program:

  1. prompts the user to enter a text string
  2. it decodes the text string to individual characters and maps them to the right combination of the 2 morse code characters according to the International Morse Code table below.
  3. it uses the WinApi Beep function (in 1kHz arrangement) to play the . or the - sound. Traditionally the dash has a longer sound duration so I use 240ms for a dash's playback and 80ms for a dot' playback (3x).

I know Beep is considered old, but is still very much functional and used. I'm a staunch supporter of "If it ain't broke don't fix it" ideology. In Windows 7...

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WinAPI KeyLogger

A basic WinApi keylogger that records keystrokes and writes them to a file.

There is an infinite loop, which checks every possible button (using GetAsyncKeyState), every 10ms, and records it to the file.

There is exception checking added in as well, for good measure.

I used Windows 8.1 x86_64, Visual Studio 2017, Modern C++17 to build the project.


Github repository link.

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Windows Leak Checker

Memory Leak checking facility for Windows.

Simply integrate the files to your own program and test if you have any memory leaks.

You don't have to reference that code in your own files. It will do everything on its own, so long as you add the files to your program and compile them.

Note that it works only in debug mode!

Simple as that. : )

I used Windows 8.1 x86_64, Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 to build the project.


Github repository link.

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Windows Shutdown Restart Logoff

Even wanted to have a script to shutdown/restart/sign-out your windows PC with the press of a button?

Well, now you can! Simple as that. Nothing more nothing less. The code is slim & thoroughly commented and other than some API functions which you can look up online on the Microsoft documentation (MSDN) it's pretty straightforward.

I used Windows 8.1 x86_64, Visual Studio 2017 to build the project.


Github repository link.


WIN API function

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Minimal XAudio v2.8 Windows library

A high performance minimal XAudio 2.8 based library developed from scratch. It is almost as low level as one can get in Windows; such is the nature of XAudio2. I made it to use it in a Direct3D game engine but it doesn't require Direct3d and can be used for whatever purpose on the Windows platform.

XAudio2 delegates sounds to the WASAPI backend. You don't need multiple threads for each playing sound; these are managed internally by WASAPI which mixes & matches them internally as it best sees fit.

I used:

  • Windows 8.1 x86_64, Microsoft Visual Studio 2017
  • XAudio v2.8
  • X3DAudio

If you're on Windows 10 you can use XAudio v2.9 dll without much, if any, change.

If you'd prefer a more graphical approach, I have a QT audio player project.


SoundManager is a...

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Fix Windows Boot issues - Your PC needs to be repaired | The drive where Windows is installed is locked

I have wrestled a few times with this unsurprisingly common BSOD, both with my own computer and on friends'. A quick online search led me to believe that many are suffering from it, so I thought about making this post to help somebody out. I know it can be alarming to see such an error for the first time, as it's a BSOD error basically totally preventing you from using your computer. But go through this article and with a little patience, we can, and we will, fix it together. (Honest!)