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KeyEngine - 3d Game Engine


Hobby DirectX11 C++ 3d game engine, with ambitions of evolving into a full fledged game engine in 98.13 billion years.

It is the culmination of a lot of subsystems I've been researching & building throughout my programming background.


Graphics : Direct3d11
Instanced rendering : custom
Diffuse, Specular normal workflow
PBR workflow : UE4's Metallic/Roughness - Base color, Roughness, Metallic maps
Decals : custom
Input : WinAPI & RAWInput, custom gamepad input
Physics : Bullet
Configuration files : inih, custom
Scripting : PyBind11
World/Level/Terrain loading, with Path Finding & NavMesh : Recast, Detour
Terrain LOD : Node based LOD
Model loading : Assimp
Texture loading : DxTex
Font Loading : DxTk
Math : DxMath, custom
Development UI : ImGUI
In Game UI : bgfx
Animation : Custom
Utilities : custom
Audio : XAudio2
3d Audio : X3DAudio
Multiplayer : WinSock
Logging : custom
Editor : ?
Basic Gameplay ie entities, interactions, actors, trigger volumes : custom

I used Windows 8.1 x86_64, Visual Studio 2017, Modern C++17 to build the project. It should work on other platforms as well.

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Github repository link.


Microsoft docs

ChiliTomatoNoodle YouTube Playlist, particularly his precious Bindable-Drawable design pattern that I stolen borrowed. All his tutorials are excellent and precisely explained. : Fantastic tutorials on computer graphics focusing on OpenGl.

Library reference: