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"KeyC0de Productions" intro sequence

If you've seen some of my YouTube videos you may have noticed the 12 sec intro sequence that rolls first thing.

I made this mainly using 3d Studio Max 2015 and Adobe After Effects.

To say it was tough would be an understatement, as I'm not really a modeler, animator. I just loved 3d Studio max and years ago I got the student license which allowed me to play and tinker with it to my heart's content. Same goes with After Effects, although the After Effects aspect was much simpler, required less work and after watching a few YouTube tutorials I was set.

I drew inspiration from various intros I adore such as:

  • Audio Visual Enterprises (1993)
  • Prism Entertainment (80s)
  • Gun Media (which is basically a carbon copy of Vidmark Entertainment 88)
  • Zodiac video (from 1985)
  • WWE Monday Night 1985
  • 20-20 vision (90s)

The music tune you will hear being played is a free sound from, created by EchoCinematics. This is their website: www.echocinematics.comThe source sound is called "80's riff.wav" licensed under Creative Commons and you can find it hereWhat a great track. Thank you EchoCinematics &!