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English Greek Dictionary C++ Program - Serialization


C++ console implementation of an English - Greek Dictionary.

Depends on Boost serialization module which is included.

There is no Gui - everything is done in the console, for the time being.

Incomplete. There's a bug currently I've yet to correct.

The tricky aspect of this program is proper support of UTF-8 and Unicode, which is a pain beyond imagination in Windows. Despite that, I've managed to succeed (check this SO post -made by me- for this issue ), but I'm also victim of another obscure serialization error which I haven't had much time to dedicate in fixing it.

This is what it looks like. I provide a demo with some sample words.

dictionary demo

I used Windows and Visual Studio with C++17 and Boost v1.67 serialization library.


Please submit any bugs you find through GitHub repository 'Issues' page with details describing how to replicate the problem.


Github repository link.


Boost Serialization

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