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Math Handbook

A handbook for logic, set theory, algebra, geometry, video game math concepts, graph theory, Calculus, discrete math, probability, statistics, number theory, numerical analysis, vector algebra, physics, chemistry and more goodies I've worked on and off throughout the years.

I compiled this several years ago and it's been left dormant among the circuits of my computer..

I provide the source files, which you can open yourself with TexMaker.

The built pdf file is called “Math Handbook.pdf”.

As a disclaimer, this compilation could be of use to some, to others it could be a jumble up mix of notes.

I release it in the hope that it might prove useful but it's not a rigorous, just note accumulating over the years which at one point almost made up a book's length.

I used Windows 8.1 x86_64, LATEX and TexMaker.


Github repository link.