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Microsoft Ergonomic MacroKeyboard 4000

All the special hacky functionality you (or at least I) could possibly need from the best keyboard ever. I wouldn't want to work working without it. Programmed in two Autohotkey scripts.

Any macro you need it does have it, from startup, shutdown to making windows always on top, to launching specific programs and so much more.

If you want to use it just run macro_keyboard.exe and microsoft_ergonomic_keyboard_4000.exe or add the to startup via task scheduler or place them in shell:startup (run WinKey + R -> type shell:startup -> enter -> place them there)

If you'd like to see a complete keymapping let me know. Most are intuitive stuff though and I've provided keys even for mouse actions (eg left shift + right alt = move mouse pointer left by ~60 pixels). It's not hard to dig into the script file and figure it out on your own. Anything you want though just ask.


Github repository link.


Raw Input Key Detection Autohotkey forum post.
Alt + Tab functionality stackoverflow post